Friday, March 5, 2010

Sly be Sick once again.....

But I caught it early enough this time thank goodness. He was just acting off and starting peeing on the floor. At first I thought he was being naughty because of Nick, but then one night he did it right in front of me then rolled over on his back…it about broke my heart because it happened again about an hour later. I took him in last Thursday and she thought he might have Kidney/Bladder infection and/or stones, but the tests didn’t show anything but an elevated white blood cell count so she put him on amoxicillin. I was really frustrated because I had just spent another $500 for them to tell me what they always tell me….his white blood cell count is high he must have an infection, but we don’t know what kind.

We had a horrible weekend he wouldn’t pee and he would hold it until he couldn’t hold it any longer, had more accidents, and stopped drinking water all together. So Monday back to the vet we went….she still thought maybe stones so I left him so they could take x-rays, shove a catheter up him, inject him with fluids and more blood work. They estimated this would cost me another $600 and that I should come back at 2:30pm so I could see how to inject fluids into him myself…FUN, FUN, FUN! So I took the day off and decided to go check out that place in San Mateo while I waited (I liked it and will probably move in more about that later) on the way the vet called me and she told me this big long story which lead to the fact that she thought he had a stomach occlusion and wanted to have the radiologist come in and take a look. I said sure whatever needs to be done…she said it’s going to be expensive (oh great I am going to have to start living in my car).

After a long day there were no tumors which I know she was really worried about and as soon as they gave him the fluids he acted like nothing was wrong (money well spent we should have just gave him fluids in the first place)…his blood test come back the next day to show that is Cortisol levels were low which suggested Atypical Addison’s disease. Short story long we are going to the Vet Monday to do a confirmation test and if it turns out that it is Addison's it will be easily managed…(My coworker's Dog has had Addison’s since he was a puppy). So now that I have spent 2 months rent on him this week and probably enough to buy a ford focus during his lifetime we might (fingers crossed) have an answer, so we need to keep the stress levels down this weekend. HIGH MAINTENANCE DOG!!!

The best part when I told the breeder she should contact the owners of the other dogs from that litter (the female from Sly's litter was recently put down and her symptoms were the same as Addison’s too) she blew me off and just wanted to know how Nick was….I really wanted to cuss her out, but I left it at that. I tried to do the right and and what she does or doesn't do with the information is on her shoulders now!