Thursday, March 5, 2015

6 Months

Six months ago today and I embarked on the adventure of a lifetime...I moved to Michigan. Oh I had done this before I had jumped in my car and moved to California but then it was just me. Just me and I could jump In my car and in less then 24 hours be back at home in Idaho!  Nothing gained nothing lost!  Now with a 3 year old child full of life and the light of my world it is different moving across the country three time zones not a day car ride away but the difference of a 3 to 4 day car ride away!  

The questions still haunt me "did I do the right thing?" "Will she be happy here?"  Then her blessed sweet voice says to me I love our stuff here and our new city.  Does she miss her Dad? definately!  Does she want to go back to California? Some days yes!  Then thing that keeps me sane is she is a Rock!  She has adapted to this move better then I could have ever imagined and on most days better then her mommy has!  She is strong, Brave, and everything I could have dreamed of in a child! I look at her and I know as long as we have each other we will be ok!  Better then ok we will be blessed beyond belief.

As we have recovered from our second bout of the flu in less then a month I still giggle about whe she went to the bathroom yesterday and had bright green poop from the blue Gatorade she had been drinking.  She looks at me and grins ear to ear and says look mom it is green that is my  favorite color!  I love this kid!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Today as I laid down to go to sleep I thought of all the silly things my Child said to me over the course of today...then I was like "what did she say the other day about magic cookies?"  When it happened I thought to myself Blog about this...did I do it NO and now I will wonder what the saying was until the end of time.  If be some improbable chance I do remember I am doing to stop doing what I am doing and document it!
The sad fact is I was probably too busy with a work email or doing things around the house but I am going to try and do better.

Today she came home from school saying cheers... To my absolute horror!  I thought to myself if this make her happy I will embrace it.  Cause honestly time goes by way too fast.

So yeah bed time came and went but we laughed, sang, cuddled and embraced the moment.  I even got to hear her "Go Go Gators, Fight Fight Fight" cheer one last time before she closed her eyes and I wouldn't trade that for the world!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The things Children say....

I keep telling myself that I am going to document my child's funny saying but someone it never gets done.  Today I am going to try and change that a little bit at a time.  After having a 103 fever for 3 days it was a relief to have my silly and crazy girl back to herself.  

The first morning conversation went like this:
Me: What in the world are you doing?
C: Trying to be a Parrot
Me: A Parrot?
C: Yeah but your shoulder is too wiggly 

Then we put her Valentines day gift of Hungry Hungry Hippos to good use since yesterday she really wasn't up to playing.  As we started to play I realized why my father use to try and let us win without letting us know he was letting us we.  Cause it is awesome to see you child get so excited when they win.  As we played and my daughter adopted a third person perspective it filled my heart with joy and she won game after game.  Well then that one time when I accidentally won because ball just went in my hippos mouth by fate and mom couldn't help it.  As we put the balls back in to play again my daughter looks and me and says "Let Charlie win"  At that moment I realized that I needed her to know she has to earn her wins, so I told her mommy doesn't let Charlie win Charlie has to earn her wins.  This happened for a couple of games and then as we were putting the marbles together to start another game she tells me....I know, I know Charlie has to practice winning!  Love My daughter and how bright she is I hope I don't fail at continuing to preserve that beautiful heart of Love she has!!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

First Michigan Holiday!

Well we are settling in and with that comes our first Holidays in Michigan.  We went out to eat for Thanksgiving even though we did have a lot of offers to join friends.  Charlie has been a Champ with the move, but after returning from California to get our stuff she has needed more one on one time with Mommy!  She loves going out to eat so this was really a treat for her.

We put up our Christmas tree and my Girlie Girl is loving wearing her Christmas dress.  Below she is deck out before we even had time to do her hair she wanted pictures.  She keeps telling me that this is the best Christmas ever.  Love seeing the world through the eyes of babies!

She is loving the snow!  We had quite a bit of snow before Thanksgiving and it has since melted.  She can't wait for it to snow again.  Mommy on the other hand isn't as excited about this fact, but we will figure that out too.  She wants to go skiing...a girl after my own heart.

The craziest thing at the moment on this adventure is we are looking at buying a house next year.  Just praying for direction and making sure it is the right thing to do,  As exciting as it is I have been a little overwhelmed by the entire process.  I think it is just all the change which has been for the good, but will take some time to get use to.

Now to figure out how to update my blog title from Idaho to California and change it to..Idaho to California to Michigan!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Being Real!

I was trying to spell a word that was just outside of what spell correct can pick up with my very limited spelling skills and I thought to myself..."Self just be real"

I like to think that I am a pretty real person, but there is room for improvement always.  One thing I have really tried hard to do the past few years is when I tell someone I am going to pray for them that I actually do it.  Something I am a bit ashamed of is I will stop right in that moment and say a heartfelt prayer, but then move on with my life.  I may not even pray about it again or follow up to see how the person is doing after praying for them.  How heartfelt is that?

So tonight I write and I want to be more intentional with my prayers and love for others.  Life is only as busy as we make it!  There is always time to stop and pray or love on someone.  If there isn't that what is the purpose in life?

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Well after a quick trip to Boston I turned around and jumped on a plane to Michigan the home town of Derek Jeter Kalamazoo.  Nice to have such exciting opportunities in my life but now I am tired, very emotional, and have some big decisions to make in the very near future. I really enjoyed my trip to Kalamazoo it felt like going home.  I love the idea of moving out of the city and hopeful that I could be a home owner at some point in my life.
That being said it is going to be something that has happened a lot faster then I planned.  Which in all honesty is a good thing so I don't over think it too much.
The next few weeks could prove to be interesting and exciting for me!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bean Town

What a view! What an adventure?  Interviewing on the East Coast for an Amazing job.  I would almost go as far as to say my "dream" job, but how do you pack up and leave everything you know.  Ok when I was 24 I did it but at 40 with a 2 year old doesn't it seem a bit crazy? My belief is that God has a plan and I May not understand it but he could be opening doors I never imagined!  Doing my best to live for the day and trust that all will work out as planned!