Sunday, December 7, 2014

First Michigan Holiday!

Well we are settling in and with that comes our first Holidays in Michigan.  We went out to eat for Thanksgiving even though we did have a lot of offers to join friends.  Charlie has been a Champ with the move, but after returning from California to get our stuff she has needed more one on one time with Mommy!  She loves going out to eat so this was really a treat for her.

We put up our Christmas tree and my Girlie Girl is loving wearing her Christmas dress.  Below she is deck out before we even had time to do her hair she wanted pictures.  She keeps telling me that this is the best Christmas ever.  Love seeing the world through the eyes of babies!

She is loving the snow!  We had quite a bit of snow before Thanksgiving and it has since melted.  She can't wait for it to snow again.  Mommy on the other hand isn't as excited about this fact, but we will figure that out too.  She wants to go skiing...a girl after my own heart.

The craziest thing at the moment on this adventure is we are looking at buying a house next year.  Just praying for direction and making sure it is the right thing to do,  As exciting as it is I have been a little overwhelmed by the entire process.  I think it is just all the change which has been for the good, but will take some time to get use to.

Now to figure out how to update my blog title from Idaho to California and change it to..Idaho to California to Michigan!