Saturday, February 21, 2009

When and what makes you feel afraid???

This very interesting question or questions you might say has been brought up to me several times this month. It has really made me think and feel very fortunate that I don't feel afraid that often. Especially in the state that the world is in today. I do have one HUGE fear. That is the fear of losing a part of me and forgetting where I come from. Moving to California from Idaho was a big change for me. I grew up in a town of ~600 people where there wasn't even a stop light. Everyone knew you and looked out for you...that or they waited for you to screw up so they could be the ones to tell your parents. The cool thing about all of it was everyone was really down to earth. They say there is safety in numbers and when I look at it from that perspective even though 600 people is small for the size of a town it is HUGE when it comes down to the number of people that have your back. Yeah not everyone would have my back but a big majority of the people would and to me that is saying something!! So even though I drive 10 minutes to the doctor’s office instead of and 1 hour and a half and I could have McDonald's for every meal now. I wouldn't want to lose that small down girl from Idaho who really cares about people more then the things she has, the job she does or money she spends. So to all my homies if you see that girl drifting away feel free to give me a swift kick in the head!!! And to my mom… I might be "cityfied", but I am an Idaho girl at heart and always will be :-)

Monday, February 16, 2009

God Bless America!!!

This week my brother reenlisted in the Army and while I support his decision I realize I have mixed emotions about it. I thought that it wouldn't really bother me in the way that is has, but I guess it has brought to the surface everything that went on in the four years he served prior to this. I didn't realize the relief I felt when someone would tell me that their son, daughter, husband, etc. was going to the Middle East knowing that I had been there and done that and Kyle lived to tell me about it. I also know that not every solider is a fortunate as my brother is to have returned home. I am very PROUD of this young man that stands by his country and has a desire to serve to keep me and our family safe. I also know he has been through so much that I can't even imagine and am thankful I don't have to. I hope he knows that I will always be here for the 3am text messages or the calls that might not bring good news. I pray that we don't have to fly him home again from the Middle East for a family emergency, but I know that if any of that happens that we will get through it together. As a family like we always have. I love my baby brother so very much and am the proud sister of a very special American Solider!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009


I wrote in my last post how Facebook was reconnecting me with old friends and among the pleasant surprises one hit home more then most. When I was in college I spent my summers working at the local plywood mill to earn money to go to was hard work!!! The money was awesome and several of my friends from High School also worked at the mill. So we worked hard then we played hard. A lot of times I really hated working at the mill, but now I look back on those times with fond memories. Which brings me back to my story....I was searching friends and found Lydgia Anderson (now Jarvis). We used to play basketball against each other in high school and worked together at JayPe (pictured above...or at least the log yard is). When I was looking at her Facebook profile I saw she lived in Redwood crazy is that? Idaho girls relocate within 10 minutes of each other. It was really cool to sit down with her and her daughter at lunch today. I really enjoyed catching up and talking about old times. The last time I had seen her she was my Sophomore year in college. She has been in the area for 7 years and I have been here for a little over 5 years and we never crossed paths. She even stops by my church everyday to drop a friend's daughter off at the church after school program....what a small world we live in!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Facebook= Crazy Memories and Blasts from the Past!

This week I was invited to a group on Facebook called "I survived Timberline High School Weippe, Idaho". Boy has that been a trip down memory lane. I have been in contact with people hadn't talked to in more then 10 years. Not only has it been fun to connect with old friends, but it has given me an opportunity to step back and just look at my life. The things I have done, the people I have met and the person I have become through all of it. Some of it has had bitter sweet memories, but all in all I am happy with the person I have become. Not only that the journey to get here actually makes me smile....which is better then it making me cry. So here is to all the memories made and all the memories yet to come! It has been quite a ride this far and I don't expect any less in the future.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wicked in SF

I have been waiting a long time to see this Musical and last night finally got to experience the Land of Oz from a different perspective. IT WAS AWESOME! I have yet to see a Musical that I haven't enjoyed but this one right up at the top of the list. I liked the music in Jersey Boys better, but you can't beat the story line of Wicked. It reminds me that things aren't always the way they seem, so don't be so quick to judge. If you have the opportunity to see this show I wouldn't miss it! I would even like to go see it was really that good!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dogs at the Beach

This weekend was a lot of fun and restful at the same time. I had a lot of time to relax. I had plans to take the dog to the beach and meet up with my friend Viv. In an interesting turn of events Zeke stayed with me so he joined Sly and I on our beach trip. It was nice to catch up with Viv, we used to meet up every weekend to walk Milo and Sly. Hopefully we can get back into this routine because it was beautiful out and I really enjoyed being at the ocean. The best part was I forgot how nice it is to have my dog so beat after spending two hours on the beach. I can say I was pretty spent myself and it was a wake up call to just how out of shape I really am.

On that note I have been having a hard time getting motivated to do anything about being in shape. Work has been busy and stressful and I sometimes feel like I never get a break from life. I have good intentions, but following through on them has never been one my strong points. I always need some sort of motivation. Well I got it yesterday and it came from my brother Todd. We have been playing phone tag for some time, but he finally caught up to me as I was in the grocery store yesterday. I had picked up some beer to watch the Superbowl today and when I told him that he told me he wasn't going to drink in the month of Feb. I thought what a great idea might even jumpstart my workout status while I am doing it. I am going to admit today was probably the toughest not only was it the first day, but it was Superbowl too. I am writing this so I am accountable. Todd will do that but by writing this I am sure my Aunt, cousins, and dear old Mom will remind me of the pledge I took with Todd!