Monday, December 14, 2009

I am going to be an Auntie!

My brother Kyle and his wife Drea gave me the best Christmas present this weekend....they informed me I am officially going to be an Aunt this Summer. I just can't believe the excitement that has come over me. I never thought I could be this excited about now my blog will go from me blabbing about my dogs to me ooohhhing and aaaahhhing over my little niece or nephew. Drea will kill me when she reads this, but wouldn't it be cool if I got one of each! Merry Christmas to me!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Genentech Prom 2009 "Oh what a Night"

I have not been to the Christmas Party the past 3 years and this year I was really looking forward to going. I hadn't gone the last two years because it was at the ballpark outside and I hate being cold. The year before that my Mom was in the hospital and I missed it, but this year it was back at a hotel in San Francisco. The funny thing was this year I needed to take a nap in order to make it past midnight, boy I am getting old! I just wanted to post some pictures from the night. I was wonderful to hang out with my friends and coworkers!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Catch up!

My mom has been very disappointed with me lately because I haven't been blogging. The funny part about that is she knows what is going on in my life I talk to her every day, but to make her happy (because that is what life is all about) I am going to try and start keeping up again.

It has been busy since Halloween it seems like that Holiday sets in motion for all the craziness to begin. I swear that every year I am going to slow down and enjoy the Holidays more, but that never seems to happen.

I made my first Turkey Dinner on Thanksgiving and it was wonderful. I spent the day with a friend and we had a blast cooking. I have really been into cooking a lot much that I even bought a KitchenAid on Black Friday for a steal. This last weekend I made pumpkin bread and pumpkin pie from scratch. I still need to work on the Pumpkin pie, but at least I am trying. I need something fun to do with beets so if you have a great recipe you can't help but share I would love to hear it. You can only eat so many beet brownies.

Of course the Saturday (ok I got lazy and it was the Sunday) after Thanksgiving the Tree went up.

After Thanksgiving I had a presentation at work that has been a year in the making. It has been a rather controversial project so I was a bit nervous to put it all together and present it. I had been working on it a lot the past month and it turned out to be a really good story. I still pulled a "Kyle" and didn't sleep the night before, but besides that and a minor freak out with my mother I stayed pretty calm. (I can say that now that it is over I am so my Dad's child)

Now I am just coasting until Dec 20th when I go to Arizona to spend 3 weeks with the family. It will be nice to have some time off of work, but until then I have to survive 2 more weeks of work. This will include the company Christmas party and all the activities involved in getting me and the 2 dogs ready to go south. I am sure I will have stories to tell about all of that.