Thursday, March 5, 2015

6 Months

Six months ago today and I embarked on the adventure of a lifetime...I moved to Michigan. Oh I had done this before I had jumped in my car and moved to California but then it was just me. Just me and I could jump In my car and in less then 24 hours be back at home in Idaho!  Nothing gained nothing lost!  Now with a 3 year old child full of life and the light of my world it is different moving across the country three time zones not a day car ride away but the difference of a 3 to 4 day car ride away!  

The questions still haunt me "did I do the right thing?" "Will she be happy here?"  Then her blessed sweet voice says to me I love our stuff here and our new city.  Does she miss her Dad? definately!  Does she want to go back to California? Some days yes!  Then thing that keeps me sane is she is a Rock!  She has adapted to this move better then I could have ever imagined and on most days better then her mommy has!  She is strong, Brave, and everything I could have dreamed of in a child! I look at her and I know as long as we have each other we will be ok!  Better then ok we will be blessed beyond belief.

As we have recovered from our second bout of the flu in less then a month I still giggle about whe she went to the bathroom yesterday and had bright green poop from the blue Gatorade she had been drinking.  She looks at me and grins ear to ear and says look mom it is green that is my  favorite color!  I love this kid!