Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Charlize Renae Kinard-Davis

On November 12, 2011 my life changed forever and I experienced what my family likes to call "THE BIG LOVE" My daughter Charlie was born and true to form for her momma she didn't come into this world without a little drama (Go figure).
I was due on November 5th and my mom arrived in town on November 7th the evening before my next doctor's appointment. When we went to the appointment Tuesday morning I had expressed concern that the baby wasn't as active as she had been in the past so my MD scheduled a non stress test. Mom and I went directly to the hospital from my appointment and my amniotic fluid was around 9.3 and anything under 10 was considered low so I was schedule for another stress test on Friday morning if she didn't come before then. So we started the waiting game which grandma wasn't very good at. I had another MD appointment on Thursday and now looking back I say my Doctor jinxed me because she told me I had a 6 or 7 LBS baby that was in great position so once she decides to come it should go smooth.

In the mean time my Auntie Terri had asked what the number of the amniotic fluid meant and of course I had no clue. Friday morning came and we had to be at the hospital by 8am and in order to pass the time and have pretty toes for delivery mom and I were going to get our toes done after my appointment. When we got to the hospital we had the same nurse as we did before and while she was doing the test I asked her the question that my Auntie had asked me and she told me that anything at 5 or below and I wouldn't be going home. Then in the next breath told me I was at 5.3 and she didn't think I was going home, but she had to call the MD. I forgot to mention that this was on 11/11/11 so when they decided to induce me grandma got excited. I called Charlie's dad LeNorris right before he walked into a job interview and looking back maybe I should have waited until after he was done because I know he worried the entire time. We drove back to the house to pick up my stuff while they got the paperwork ready for me to be admitted to the hospital and checked into the hospital.
LeNorris had surgery on his foot the Tuesday that I had the non stress test so he was in a lot of pain. He came by the hospital after his interview to make sure I was ok...he had to see it with his own eyes. Then I sent him home to rest and mom and I started the longest wait of my life. We played cribbage and she made Charlie a blanket and nothing happened. The biggest excitement which wasn't really good was Charlie kept rolling over on her umbilical cord and cutting off her oxygen supply since my fluid was low so they would have to roll me over in different positions to move her off of it. When the doctor came in at 4pm on Saturday nothing had changed since we checked in Friday morning and she told us we probably wouldn't have the baby until tomorrow. So I called LeNorris and told him to stay home and rest since he was in pain. Later he told me he thought I didn't want him there and I felt bad.
So after getting my head around nothing was going to happen and I was stuck in the hospital for yet another day between 5-5:30pm I really had to go to the bathroom. Since I was being induce they had to check me before letting me go in even though the doctor had just been in at 4pm and checked me. The nurse was surprised to find that I was at 4cm, but said it was fine for me to use the restroom. When I finished and came out I was in a lot of pain. I asked for drugs and when I would be able to get an epidural. So the anesthesiologist was called and I thought I was in for a drug induced comfortable night...I was wrong! After struggling to get the epidural I was told I could use the bathroom after they inserted the catheter, but Miss Charlie decided it was time for her to come into the world right then. Unfortunately she didn't handle the contractions at this time and we had to have an emergency C-Section. After getting in the O.R. I found out the epidural didn't work, so after trying to restart it then poking me 3 to 4 times for a spinal tap and being unsuccessful I had to be put under general anesthesia for the delivery. Below is Charlie and my first picture together though I was not aware of it.

After being in the hospital for 6 days I was ready to get home, but after being let go I found myself back in the hosptial again the next day with complications. Needless to say it was a difficult process to recovery, but my little princess was worth it all. I love her so much!

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