Monday, August 18, 2014

Being Real!

I was trying to spell a word that was just outside of what spell correct can pick up with my very limited spelling skills and I thought to myself..."Self just be real"

I like to think that I am a pretty real person, but there is room for improvement always.  One thing I have really tried hard to do the past few years is when I tell someone I am going to pray for them that I actually do it.  Something I am a bit ashamed of is I will stop right in that moment and say a heartfelt prayer, but then move on with my life.  I may not even pray about it again or follow up to see how the person is doing after praying for them.  How heartfelt is that?

So tonight I write and I want to be more intentional with my prayers and love for others.  Life is only as busy as we make it!  There is always time to stop and pray or love on someone.  If there isn't that what is the purpose in life?

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