Monday, April 27, 2009


This last weekend was spent at the ball park and I forgot how happy that time makes me. The weather was great, my friend Dayna was down from Sacramento and we started out in seats that were great (as you can see in the picture to the right). I always joke with my mom about becoming a seat snob because when I first moved to California I was just excited to be at the game. As time went by that changed first I started dating Geremi and and since he was at the ball park every day when we were together that usually ment I was also....the good part about that was he always got me great seats. When we broke up going back to sitting in the cheap seats was kind of painful so I started paying the extra money to sit in the better seats at baseball games. Then Dayna started working for the Kings and it went from bad to worse because now NBA games were not the same when you sit in the the upper deck. Thank goodness for those connections (LOL)...One of Dayna's bosses text messaged her minutes before opening pitch and told her there were tickets at will call for her.
As you can see in the picture with Giambi's back in it the seats were right on the field on the first base line....HOW AM I GOING TO GO BACK TO SITTING IN THE STANDS?
Just kidding I just enjoy being at the game. I did learn my lesson when my mom came to watch the Cubs play against the SF Giants....don't sit in the good seats the first night then take her out to the bleachers the second night because when it gets cold we will want to go home since the seats aren't as good as the ones we were sitting in the night before. Yes I am turning my Mother into a seat snob too!!!

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