Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Updates on Sly!

Well we have had a very interesting Month the little guy and I. This little man has had digestive problems since he was about 8 months old. I thought we had the pretty much under control, but last month I started seeing blood and mucus in the poo again and knew this wasn't a good sign. He has never really been a great eater, so when he loses his appetite it really doesn't suprise me all that much. Off we went to the Vet and after reviewing his chart she didn't even feel that it was necessary to take blood since we have been down this road so many time. This time it was two different antibiotics for two weeks and let me tell you it work because this guy ate like a champ. He ate like I have never seen him eat before, so I thought well this time it worked. After the course of antibiotics he continued to do well until about the 7th day and I notice a lose of appetite again. This was on Sunday and by Tuesday he was barely eating again, I stopped by my friends Ruby and Leo after work and Sly wouldn't eat. He ended up throwing up that night, but I didn't think a lot about it because this was pretty normal in his life. Just to be safe though I called the Vet Wednesday morning and asked what she thought. We were back to the Chicken and rice diet which I am not a big fan of since I don't even cook for myself and now I am cooking for the dog. I knew it wasn't a good sign when he stopped eating the Chicken and Rice. On Friday I made an appointment with the Vet for Monday because our usual vet wasn't in on Friday. Things weren't out of control so I thought we could wait until then....I was kind of wrong. He did eat ok on Friday, but Saturday that came to a hault. We went for a walk at Genentech and when he did his business I knew everything was not ok....the crazy thing about all of this for the most part he acted normal with the exception of not eating. He was still running around playing with the toys everything and even ate pretty well Saturday night. That wasn't the case Sunday when I woke up to bloody vomit in the bathroom. We chilled Sunday and before we went to the vet Monday morning we had blood coming out both directions, but his demeanor was still ok. I told the vet she wasn't going to believe me that he was sick. That was until she took his temp...the temp was fine but the thermometer was covered in blood. I left him at the hospital for testing (xrays and blood work) and was suppose to pick him up at 2:30pm. When I got the call at 12:30pm I knew it couldn't be good news...Sly was going have a special kind of xray to determine if he had a foreign body in his stomach. The Vet didn't seem to think that was the case, but she wanted to be sure. When I picked him up at 5:00pm he was so excited to see me he had a pretty rough day. The conclusions of the xrays were that both his stomach and intestinal walls are about 3 times the size they should be. His gastrointestinal tract is showing signs of abnormality and there is something in his stomach which they are not sure if it is abnormal folding in the stomach or exactly what it is. She stops short of saying a tumor especially since the blood work is not back. I did ask about Stomach Cancer and it is one of her concerns, but since he is so young would like to believe that isn't the case. For now we are taking four different types of meds which is very interesting because he won't eat food so you can imagine the fun we are having pushing pills down his throat. I have got him to eat a little bit of food today (scrambled eggs and some beef steak)...he won't have anything to do with chicken or rice, so we are trying potatoes which are a little bit better. I should have the blood tests back today or tomorrow and hopefully they will bring good new for Sly. Until then we will take baby steps to getting him to eat a little more food and get him ready for our trip to Idaho. The Vet thinks it will be less stressful for him to come with me on the plane then to be away from me for 2 weeks.....This could be a lot of fun! Keep us in your prayers and I will continue to keep you updated on the situation. The Vet just can't believe that he doesn't get upset when you touch his stomach and how well he is acting with all of this going on...he has been such a good boy through all of this.

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