Thursday, September 10, 2009


I love when I tell someone I grew up in Rural Idaho....they can't even imagine what that means. Usually it means you have about 600 people that have your back regardless if you are right or wrong. I miss that! It means driving 72 miles (a hour and a half) to the closest McDonald's, health care, and grocery shopping.....I have friends that complain that they have to drive 20 miles from the city to visit me. Really 20 miles is doesn't phase me!

Sitting back reflecting tonight I realize how much I get caught up in "the rat race" and I think even more so in the bigger cities. I tend to get down on myself or sadly enough even forget who I really am because I am so caught up in the go go go life style that is around me. We are always trying to be bigger, better, faster, more successful, or whatever. When I am in those situations I dream of home....tonight the phones went out on "the hill" I couldn't reach my Mom and as I posted the status on Facebook childhood friends commented and assisted the best they could in the technical world to let me know what was going on "on the hill." On the same note I was having a bad day and I posted that I wanted to run away from life today on Facebook. As nice as that sounds one of my High School Teachers reminded me that the statement I made was not the girl he knew. I don't want to lose that girl and I don't want to run away from life I want to face it head on and whatever challenges may come I will face it. I may not always win, but I will always give it "the old college try" (whatever that may mean).

Chuck Moody, Cindy P, John Townsend, Kira Rolstad, Jeff Wright, Laurie Smith, Mrs. Henrich, Mr. Price and every other teacher and friend out there thank you for shaping me into the person I am touch my life every day and I thank you for that!

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