Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Belmont Police have nothing to do!

I just had to share this fun story of how my day started out. Sly and I were on our morning walk as we are every morning and he was off his leash. This is against the law in Belmont. A kind lady told me to grab my dog, but at the time I thought it was because her dog wasn't friendly. She got close enough to tell me a police officer was headed our direction, so Sly Man went on the leash. Sly would have to do his business later because it is a $100 dollar fine. Well out comes our neighbor Chris with his dog Cooper and the police officer. The officer asks if we knew him and we respond yes he lives 2 houses around the corner. Let me add that Chris has lived in that house for 28 years and I see him every morning at the same time and place walking Cooper. The officer in a not so nice voice tells him to sit down. This kind of confused me, but I went on with my business. Chris told the officer he needed to get to work and the officer said he needed to talk to him...but after a long time went by (0k maybe a minute) he was not speaking to him. I finally asked the officer "Are you waiting for us to leave?" and he replied yes. I was kind of taken back by this because here this guy needs to get to work and he wants us to leave a public place so he can "talk" to him. I asked the officer if he was serious and the other lady joined in with me in stating that the officer was harassing Chris. After I asked for the officer's name and he refused to give it to me we were both forced to take a set along side Chris as the officer stared at us not saying a word. Chris and I both again acknowledged the fact that we needed to get to work and the officer said he was "trying to get control of himself" When he "got control of himself" we were lectured like 5 year old children and told the reason we had to sit and listen to him was he was concerned that our dogs were going to bite him....All three of them were on leashes sitting next to their owners not doing a thing. After he told us he was responding to an alarm at the community center he finally let us go. He did give us a card and of course I called his supervisor when I got home. The best part was his supervisor is an idiot too as he suggested that I could have been a female drug user trying to break into the studios to get money which was the reason I was forced to stay and listen to Officer Lewis in the first place. I am even smarter then that if I was a drug user (which I am not, making the excuse more offensive) I would break into some place that actually had cash so I could buy drugs....doesn't take a rocket scientist. Also if I was a drug addict looking for money would I have a chubby Shih Tzu puppy with a Coach collar for crying in the night? I didn't buy the stupid thing, but it is Coach and I am sure it is worth some money that I could buy drugs with. Then the supervisor proceeded to tell me that Chris tried to run from the officer which wasn't the case since I was there for the entire scene to play out. Trust me if Chris had tried to run he could have out ran that Fattie officer very easy (Go get another donut Officer Lewis). It's good to know that my tax dollars are being put to good use here in Belmont California in a State that is so far in debt it isn't even funny. To make the story even better I know a lot of the artist that work in the building and the reason the alarm went off in the first place was when they opened the studio up for the day the person forgot to turn off the alarm. Don't you think that might be the first place you check instead of Harassing three innocent people walking their dogs who live it the neighborhood? Officer Donald Lewis you give Police Officers a bad name!

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Large Man small D***!