Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why another Dog?

Well a lot of craziness has happened around here this week and many of you have seen Facebook and Twitter updates saying getting a new dog, not getting a new dog, and now this morning I have a new dog. Here is the Story....

As everyone knows I have struggled with Sly's health since he was about 8 months old. He is a purebred Shih Tzu who was suppose to be 12 pounds, grew to be almost 20 pounds besides that he his health is guaranteed until he is 3. Well I wasn't going to "trade him in" for another puppy ever. Several times the vet has asked me to talk to the breeder to see if there are any know health issues with the parents or litter mates. Every time I get the same answer "all my puppies are healthy nothing wrong at all."

Last week Sly went back on antibiotics after being off them for only 2 months. After about 5 days on the medication I came home from work and fed him dinner. About 20 minutes after that he crawled on my lab and was shaking I couldn't figure out what was wrong with him until I found his dinner on my living room floor all slimy and gross. I call the emergency Vet the night and they wanted to see him that night, but without his detailed history I didn't think there was much they could do for him so I waited to talk to his vet the next morning. After telling her the story she thinks that he may now have esophageal problems from all the digestive issues. I had, had it at this point, so I wrote the breeder a not mean, but not a very kind email stating that not all of her puppies are healthy that Sly has suffered most of his life. After the same old song and dance she was like " I will just give you another puppy" I told her I didn't want a puppy Sly needed to be my first priority I wasn't looking for money, a dog, I just wanted her acknowledge that this had something to do with his breeding. This was the end of about 10 emails that had went back and forth and I was just upset so I went to hang out at a friend's house.

When I got back I had another email asking who Sly's parents were....all this time she had been telling me there was nothing wrong with the litter and she didn't even know who his parents were. I told her and reiterated again that I wasn't trying to cause trouble just needed help trying to figure out this problem. The next morning I had an email from the breed expressing how very sorry she was Sly was from a litter where she used one of her friend's studs and he came from a questionable breeder. Grant it she never use him again, but she could have told me that from the beginning. Not only that but the black female from Sly's litter was just put to sleep due to either complications with pregnancy or a brain tumor....well since they think Sly might have a mass in his stomach don't you think that information might be helpful?

She was horrified that this had happened and offered a toy 1 year old white male to me. She said she would be sad to see him go, but she felt I deserved this after all Sly and I have been through. I told here I couldn't take him from her that was cruel. After saying this throughout a few emails she told me she was going to have to get rid of him anyway eventually, so I said when she was ready I would take time. She said I could have him now if I wanted so I said that I would pick him up on Saturday. So there were a ton of emotions going on now because here I have knowledge that one of Sly's litter mates have had to be put down for a tumor related issue, I am bringing in this new dog and feeling guilty that I am trying to replace Sly....I wasn't really convinced that this was what I was suppose to do. After spending hours on the phone with my cousin Summer and friend Grace they both convinced me that I was doing the best thing for Sly and for me. After that I started getting excited that I was going to pick up this little guy in the morning.

My friend Mark and I woke up early and were trying to get everyone else around. We had kind of planned a day of it since we were driving almost 3 hours to pick him up. I had ran into some neighbors (Carol) telling them how excited I was to go and get my new boy....15 minutes before we got in the car the Breeder emailed me and told me she couldn't give him up. I lost it!!! I was in tears and I felt my heart rip out all over again....I couldn't believe this person was putting me through this. Well the great friends that Mark and Mina are they refused to let me sit around by myself all day being sad so we headed to Santana Row. As we were leaving Carol had seen my status on FB and couldn't believe it!!!

During our retail therapy (window shopping therapy for me) the breeder started emailing pictures of dogs saying that she would buy me another one and ship it to was just too much for me. I told Mark he could talk to her when we got home because I couldn't. He originally wanted to just drive up there and get the dog even though she said I couldn't have it :-) Well we got home from Santana Row and I didn't want Mark to have to deal with this. I went back to my place and I was going to email the breeder, but figured I had my emotions under control enough that I could talk to her.....BOY WAS I Wrong. As soon as she answered the phone I started crying again. We had a good conversation and in the end she told me to come and get the dog I asked her when because I couldn't got through this disappointment again. She said if I could come tonight she would do it, but do it fast. Mark, Mina, and I jumped in the Car at 6pm and headed up to the foothills at 6pm last night. We picked the dog up at 8:45pm and were back in the Bay by 11:45pm. Carol called at 10:30pm and couldn't believe we had the dog....we were getting it, we weren't, then we did...IT WAS TRULY A CRAZY DAY! I wasn't even looking for another dog, but after all is said in done Sly loves him and I guess we have a good story to tell! Welcome to the family Nick!

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Glena said...

Salt and pepper! It's wonderful that Sly welcomed this new addition into his home.