Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Blog is not about my Dogs!

OH my goodness as I was looking over my Blog today I realized that it has become about my Dogs. How sad is that? Well I guess I haven't been in a place to write about much else because life pretty much consisted of Work this Summer and work isn't something I like to Blog about!

Things are turning around though I am setting boundaries and work hasn't been my priority as of lately. This has been GREAT! Since doing this it seems as if things are just falling into place. I decided not to work for the Warriors this season to give myself some extra time. I am back in a small group with my church community and it has been energizing to meet each week. I looking for great things to happen this season and look forward to planning my sabbatical.

Look forward to more posts that are actually about me doing stuff and not about the dogs :-)

PS I even cooked lasted night...I was really tired and wanted take out, but I cooked. My Mom was pleasantly surprised.

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