Monday, November 9, 2009


Wow how time flies I have been wanting to post this Blog all week long and just never get around to it. For Halloween my department at work picks a theme and everyone dresses up. Last year it was the 80's I was still on crutches from my surgery, but I sported a Madonna look anyway. Since I wasn't blogging at that time I thought I would post a couple picture for old times sake. I am so happy that crutches were not involved this year!

This year we were "Heroes and Villains" which leaves the door pretty wide open for imagination and people didn't disappoint. Darth Vader even showed up to work and the only way I knew who it was was to look at my co-worker badge. It was a lot of fun. My Friend and I dressed up together I went as Glinda "the good witch" and my friend Nalene was Elphaba "the wicked witch of the West"!

For all of you that have watched Wicked the play you know that either one of us could be considered the Hero or the Villain. I think that was what made it so much fun. We got a lot of attention and had our picture taken with one of the Executive Committee members during lunch. You are going to ask me which one, but since we have become "Genentech a member of the Roche group" I have no clue who it is.
I can tell you one thing Halloween in Cali is much better then in Pierce. You can actually go outside without a winter jacket, gloves, and moon boots to go trick or treating! No need to worry about getting frost bite again. :-)

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