Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Don't you make my Brown eyes Blue.....

This is a song that my Dad use to sing to me often as a child along with leaving on a jet plane. Both songs always bring a smile to my face. Which leads us to our favorite song "Just to see you smile" which ironically brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. The past few weeks have been very trying and it is kind of funny because it all started with one of my friends saying "you can only walk around the Valley so long and then you have to go through it." As soon as the words left her mouth I have been walking through the valley...sometimes I don't always understand it, but I feel as I have been learning a new lesson every day and growing in the right direction. I never understood why God put me in California and trust me I have prayed to get out of here, but looking back I would never have become the woman I am today without that move. I know he has a plan and I have realize I am not the one in control, it has been really enlightening....ok a little trying, but I have made baby steps that have turned into huge leaps of faith and for now that is enough.

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