Friday, August 6, 2010

Do we need Social Media Detox?

This was a question I was asking myself when this Wednesday night a coworker/friend that needed help from me at work off hours, didn't have my cell phone and thought that he might be able to catch me on Facebook. It was then I had to ask myself if I spend too much of my time on Facebook, texting, emailing instead of engaging in life and the joy of Human to Human interaction and conversation?

This lead me to a conversation with a different coworker talking about "The top 10 ways you can tell if you are addicted to Facebook" So of course I did what everyone in today's society does I went and googled it. I was amazed people really live their lives through Social Media I was dumbfounded....check out this article! This seemed crazy to me!

Then I started to think about it... you are not really required to talk to anyone anymore if you don't feel like it. All conversations can happen electronically in fact there are times when I sit at work and IM with my coworker who is sitting right across from me. It made me kind of sad.

In a world were Social Media has made it possible to keep in contact with relatives and friends from long distances have we lost are ability to live interactive lives? This will make me think twice before I text, email, or Facebook. Maybe I should call, Skype, or even have a party...

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