Saturday, October 9, 2010

Where to begin???

My life seems to be a bit crazy to me at the moment so expressing this via blog will probably not make sense....but I will give it the old college try!

In Six weeks I leave for my Sabbatical from work, everyone always asks me.."What is your Sabbatical?" Where I work after every six years you get six weeks of vacation in addition to the 3 &1/2 weeks you get every year already. Since I have planned mine around the holiday season I have arranged to have a little over 2 months off with taking only 6 days vacation. Well what am I going to do with that?...I'll get to that in a second (I told you it is going to be a crazy blog).

Last week my Uncle Charles passed away and he is in a better place, but that isn't what this story is about....rewind about 10-11 weeks ago. Aug 18, 2010 It was my Dad's birthday, my first Niece was being born, I got a call from my cousin saying they are at Stanford for Uncle Charles' MD appointment, and something came up at work that was pretty important. This is where it gets exciting and I realize how much I have grown in the past few years....Cathy my cousin said it wasn't good news and wanted to meet for dinner. I had to run back to work but I would meet them at the place. As I was driving back to work my niece was I walk into a very important meeting late because I had left early for the day, I forgot my cell phone was on and my family started blowing it up because of the baby. We walked out of the meeting and they wanted me to stay late, but in a turn of events I told them I had to go. I would email the information they needed later that night, but this might be the last time I get to spend time with my Uncle. For any one that knows me I would usually never do this in a million years There are so many relationships, friendships, and chances to live life I gave up on or ruined because work always came first.....I didn't realize how much I was missing out on!! And how much better things can and will be!

As it turned out it I have never been happier with a decision I made then I am at this moment at that time in my life. I choose my family over work. I realized that tomorrow will always be there for work, but we aren't promised that in life. I have learned that the hard way a couple of times but like the stubborn child that I am it takes a few tries before it really gets through. Thank you to those who did stick by my in those times and I hope and pray the others will one day forgive me for the decision I made.

So in the past weeks tons has happened my niece is back with her father in North Carolina, I not only going on a trip with Back2Back to Mexico, but also to Nigeria, My dear friend is coming from OZ to visit in December, and I really don't have much to complain about :-)

So Sabbatical....I will leave first on my trip to Mexico the day that my sabbatical begins. This is an amazing story because not only to I get to go back to one of my favorite places Monterrey Mexico, help at the children's homes, love on some kids, see some friends and just be blessed by what God has going on down there, but My trip was 100% funded thanks to the love, prayer and support from all of you. I have just been blessed and want to thank everyone who has come around me in prayer, finances, and love to make this happen. Not only that but in the last weeks of my sabbatical I will be traveling to Nigeria with Back2Back. Please continue to pray for me on this journey that I will humble myself and let God work it out in his way. I have a bad habit of trying to take control of the wheel. If I would just sit in the passenger seat I would have a nicer trip with a much better view then being stuck behind the steering wheel.

There are a lot of things that haven't been ironed out yet, but I know in time it will. Like I still haven't gotten to meet my precious Lily Bug yet, but I am sure there is a perfect time and place for that. I am praying that it is sooner rather then later! And as the count down is on to my time off work I just look forward to see what is coming in those weeks ahead because let me tell you I could have never imagined this story up in my wildest dreams! I will keep you updated!!

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