Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Heart is still in Monterrey!

This young woman saved me. I had seriously considered canceling my trip to Monterrey Mexico over Thanksgiving. Not because of the violence of the drug cartels, but because my life had been turned upside down I didn't think I could handle the trip! The thing is I have been promising Carolina that I would come for six months! Both her and I have been counting down the days, celebrating when my airplane tickets were bought, and we were both excited for my trip. There was no way in the world I could let her down! I packed the night before and had a ton of luggage. So once again I was off the airport at 4am to catch a plane to Monterrey! When I arrived in Dallas I realized I had forgotten the team leads phone number. Normally this wouldn't have been a big issue but since I had never met anyone from my team there was a chance I wouldn't find them. Thankfully that didn't turn out to be a problem which was a good thing because Theresa (The team lead) did have my info but it was for my work phone not my cell so it really wouldn't have helped much. At the time I met the group in Dallas I didn't know what a great group of people I would be spending the next week with, but they were perfect in every way shape and form. I was very blessed to be traveling with them. As the plane made it's decent into Monterrey I looked out the window, saw the Saddle Back Mountain, and felt like I had arrived home. By the time we got to Back2Back's campus I was beat, so as soon as my bed was made, my suitcases in the dorm, and donation/gifts unpacked I was ready for bed. Only I wasn't so tired that I couldn't stay up long enough to get a big hug from Carolina! It was a great day!

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