Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Prayer Request!

Today when I was driving home I was thinking to myself that I needed to send an email out asking for prayer in the days leading up to my Sabbatical and trip to Mexico.....then I asked Why don't I just Blog it out? I don't know if that is a saying or not, but I kept saying it over and over again on my drive home (Besides what a perfect excuse to post a picture of my niece Lily Grace). So here I am blogging it out!

You know that question that they ask you in a job interview about "Where do you see yourself five years from now?" Well nobody except for God could have predicted the route I have taken. Four years ago the mess of a person I was would right now have broken down and been admitted to the insane ward at the hospital. This summer I went on my first mission trip to Mexico with an Organization called Back2Back through PCC, to say it was life changing is an understatement. I fell in love with the children and ministry so much that I am going back to Mexico next Saturday. My days leading up to my first trip were challenged financially, mentally, and work was a mess. God worked it out to the very detail of sending my Uncle Tim and Auntie Rhonda to California to save the day by helping me pack and get to the plane! I can honestly say that in the last month leading up to this trip I have been spiritually attacked again from all angles and 10 times worse. I believe that is thanks to all the support I have received from all of you coming around me and just enforcing the path that has already been chosen for me.

There are many moments of doubts when I think I am doing the wrong thing, I don't know how the packing and shopping is going to get done, and even today will I have my work complete in time to walk out the door next Friday? I could go on and on and on to list the craziness that has ensued the past months, but all that would do is give satan the Glory! I refuse to do that (thank you mom for reminding me of that last week when I wanted to move back to Idaho and give up)! I am still on the journey to see how he is going to bring me through all of this but is a wonderful journey and I have found peace and a lot A LOT of GRACE through out this entire process.

So my prayer request to you is just continued peace throughout the next week wrapping up things at work, packing, and just getting emotionally prepared to go and love on the Children! I don't want to go into this trip so wiped out that I have nothing to give them because that is the entire point of this trip!

Once again thanks for your encouragement both financially and emotionally as I continue on this journey in life!

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