Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I think the reason I have had a hard time blogging about Africa is there is still so much to process. This trip changed me and all I can say is WOW! There were a lot of doubts about going on this trip for me, was I doing for myself, is this really what God has planned for me? I continue to learn everyday I shouldn't question God's purpose I should just go with it. If this story is the only reason I went to Africa it is more then enough. This is a widow from Nigeria named Lydia. She had been in a bad car accident in November and was still under Dr. Zumani's care in the Kisayhip village in January when we visited.
A little background on Dr. Zumani he is a healer he prays and God tells him how to treat each patient in his care. People travel from Jos to the Village to seek his care. It was a great reminder that God is still performing miracles in this day and age. As we talked to one of the Nigerian Back2Back staff he explain that a miracle is all these people have. I don't think twice about going to the doctor or hospital if I am sick or hurt and the doctor will fix the problem. I learned that I don't put enough trust in the healing power of God. I am not saying not to go to the doctor, but I should be also praying for healing and/or that God guides the doctors treating me the way he guides Dr. Zumani. I find myself so caught up my own worry I forget to give it to God.

The team that was there with us from North Carolina had donated money to take each patient under Dr. Zumani's care a chicken dinner.

As you can see this consisted of a live chicken, rice, and oil. I was in awe...I have no idea what it is to live with a refrigerator or even electricity. We are so blessed here in America. I would have a lot to learn if I had to live in these conditions. As you can see I made Momma Frye carry the chicken while I opted for the rice and oil. This gentleman in this picture is an Evangelist from Nigeria who drove us all around Jos taking amazing care of us.

Lydia touched my life in so many ways as we prayed for her that day all she wanted prayer for was her ankle to heal, but as we talked with her and got to know her she was a widow. Her children were in Jos and she had spent all her money to come out to the village for treatment. I went home that evening with a different perspective of what we think God should provide for use and what we actually need him to provide. I fell asleep feeling very selfish.
That was not the only thing I went to sleep with that night. I was starting to get sick so I pulled up my Cipro and started taking it thinking that would help. The next morning was Sunday and I wasn't feeling better, but I was not missing church in Africa. I have heard how amazing it was, so I popped another Cipro and off to church we went. Cipro on an empty stomach proved to be a bad idea and I spent most of the service throwing up. The first time I did it into the wind, but quickly learned that lesson when it ended up on me. I found myself sitting on the school steps praying that God would take my sick stomach away. Then I realized about 1/4 mile away Lydia was there with her injury and she continued to smile through it all. I decided to walk down that way to see if it made me feel better if nothing else I could use the latrine instead of the bush. I wasn't sure about if it was rude to stop by and say hello to Lydia or not, but as I got closer I didn't have to worry about that. She was sitting outside listening to the music from Church. We sat and talked, prayed, cried, she was just thankful for the company. It touch me in so many ways because I offered to help her out and she wouldn't hear of it, but she couldn't believe that I would even ask. I left that day hoping I would see her again before I left. I was blessed on the last day to be able to stop by and say good-bye!

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