Monday, February 21, 2011

Daytona 500 Winner's Trevor Bayne

Yesterday afternoon while doing the laundry my boyfriend decided that he wanted to watch the Daytona 500. I was like REALLY? NASCAR is kind of dumb and I have never watched it in all my life not really interested in starting now. One the last lap a found myself cheering for #21 only because it was some young kid driving the car. Before they came around the final corner I said #21 is going to win and my boyfriend disagreed with me, but as he come across the finish line I jumped up and yelled "I told you so." That was the end of our NASCAR watching, but as we sat there and watch the race I told him I have a friend that just started working for Back2Back this fall and he was a Chaplin for NASCAR. So this afternoon I get an email from Back2Back with the announcement that Trevor Bayne was donating part of his winnings to Back2Back. I continue to read and it gets better he gave Back2Back a shout out on National TV..then it gets better he had been in Monterrey in then I see a picture on Beth's Facebook page and there is Trevor Bayne holding the little girl I sponsor in Mexico! It made my day God always comes through in Big ways. We may never know the reasons why he has us going through things, but I do trust that it is for a bigger purpose!

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