Monday, February 16, 2009

God Bless America!!!

This week my brother reenlisted in the Army and while I support his decision I realize I have mixed emotions about it. I thought that it wouldn't really bother me in the way that is has, but I guess it has brought to the surface everything that went on in the four years he served prior to this. I didn't realize the relief I felt when someone would tell me that their son, daughter, husband, etc. was going to the Middle East knowing that I had been there and done that and Kyle lived to tell me about it. I also know that not every solider is a fortunate as my brother is to have returned home. I am very PROUD of this young man that stands by his country and has a desire to serve to keep me and our family safe. I also know he has been through so much that I can't even imagine and am thankful I don't have to. I hope he knows that I will always be here for the 3am text messages or the calls that might not bring good news. I pray that we don't have to fly him home again from the Middle East for a family emergency, but I know that if any of that happens that we will get through it together. As a family like we always have. I love my baby brother so very much and am the proud sister of a very special American Solider!!!

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Torikay said...

Good blog Shell! I know it must be hard, but I feel more peace about it this time than I did last time. I keep missing your calls and I'm sorry, but know that you are in my thoughts and prayers! Love ya!