Saturday, February 21, 2009

When and what makes you feel afraid???

This very interesting question or questions you might say has been brought up to me several times this month. It has really made me think and feel very fortunate that I don't feel afraid that often. Especially in the state that the world is in today. I do have one HUGE fear. That is the fear of losing a part of me and forgetting where I come from. Moving to California from Idaho was a big change for me. I grew up in a town of ~600 people where there wasn't even a stop light. Everyone knew you and looked out for you...that or they waited for you to screw up so they could be the ones to tell your parents. The cool thing about all of it was everyone was really down to earth. They say there is safety in numbers and when I look at it from that perspective even though 600 people is small for the size of a town it is HUGE when it comes down to the number of people that have your back. Yeah not everyone would have my back but a big majority of the people would and to me that is saying something!! So even though I drive 10 minutes to the doctor’s office instead of and 1 hour and a half and I could have McDonald's for every meal now. I wouldn't want to lose that small down girl from Idaho who really cares about people more then the things she has, the job she does or money she spends. So to all my homies if you see that girl drifting away feel free to give me a swift kick in the head!!! And to my mom… I might be "cityfied", but I am an Idaho girl at heart and always will be :-)

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