Monday, April 19, 2010

Really I am going to have to deal with Monday twice this week???

Well I have had such an interesting night....I took a nap this afternoon around 5pm and when I woke up at 7:30 I thought it was AM not PM. So I went through my usual morning routine, taking the dogs out, showering, getting dressed, everyone taking their meds, and I even remembered to pay the dog walker. Something didn't feel right when I wrote the check...I looked at my watch to find out the date and it said 18th. I could of swore that Monday was the I checked my Blackberry and it also said the 18th. Weird maybe I looked at the calendar wrong??? So as I give the dogs their treat and carry down way too much stuff to my car (I thought I was early for work so I would mail Drea a package) I realized it was really dark out for 8am in the morning. Yet I still get in my car and head to work....what no traffic??? I call my Mom which is a normal morning ritual and she is reading a book....I ask her if my clocks are right because they say 8 o'clock and it's dark out. She tells me that my clocks are correct. I tell her that I am heading to work and all she says is you work too much...that is something she says all the time so I didn't think anything about it. I asked Mom if Dad was up...this should have been her first if not 100th clue that I thought it was morning because my Dad works Graveyard so he is always up at 8pm at night....still I got nothing from her. So as I am driving up Ralston getting ready to get on the Freeway I call my Dad and tell him I am headed to work. The first words out of his mouth are "at 8"??? I replied what do you mean? He says "Sis it is 8pm Sunday night" as those words came out of his mouth it all made sense. The only thing I couldn't figure out was why my mom didn't mention this to me in the first place. He couldn't believe it either, but then I remember she was reading a book so all she probably really heard was blah, blah, blah.

Well my brother Todd called me about a half hour later and when I told him this story he was busting up with laughter. It made my day to hear him laugh! See with everything going on these days we all keep in touch but it is usually through text, Facebook, email, or voicemail. I loved hearing his voice and as I laid down to try to go back to sleep I realized how much I miss my family. People wonder why I treat my dogs the way I do or go to such extremes for them, but they make me feel as if I have a family to come home to it the closest thing I have here. Don't get me wrong I have it great here, I am happy, have a great job, great community that cares for me, and nothing really to complain about. In fact I was thinking also that I don't think I have been in such a good place in a very long time.....the only thing missing from that equation was my family.

So yeah sometimes I get a little sad, but don't worry I am happy and I am not saying that to convince myself that it is true I am really happy and have wonderful friends. You know there is a but coming up....But had that story happened when my family was here my brothers would have been saying "She is the Slow one" and my Aunt and/or My Mom would have said "Well it's a good thing she is slow or we wouldn't have been able to keep up with her" and in the end we would all be rolling around laughing together because I really thought it was Monday morning on Sunday night. I miss that even though I know we are all laughing in our own little sections of the world I miss Laughing, Fighting, Crying or whatever crazy things we do together as a FAMILY!

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The Haynes Family said...

Oh Rashell! I could not imagine. I would be so mad at first and then start laughing at myself! Hope your second Monday started out better than your first!