Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I never in my life dreamed that I would be going to Africa on my sabbatical from work let alone doing a mission trip to Jos Nigeria. It has been difficult to blog about this experience because putting it in words just doesn't seem to justify it.

As I flew over the Massive Sahara desert I could never have imagined any like it, it made me realize how big the world really was. The on the descent into Abuja I had my world rocked like it has never been rocked before...WHAT AM I DOING? Forget about the emails from the embassy the CAPITAL of Nigeria is covered with dirt roads and tons of campfires burning all around...seriously??? That is when the airport came into sight and I was thinking to myself there is no why this huge plane is going to land at that tiny airport. Ok not only is this all going through my brain but I was suppose to meet up with the group leader in Germany and fly in together. Problem was his plane had trouble in Ohio so it was delay, so yes I am by myself! There is another couple from Wyoming that are also on the flight but I have know clue who they are. All I can think it just get through customs and look for someone that looks like Todd Guckenberger (Todd's twin brother John was meeting us at the airport). Luckily Jeremiah and JoJo found me so at least we were all lost together.

I am still thinking this is a small airport and it should be any problem finding John, but as we passed through customs, got our luggage and were headed to the door outside I felt a bit panicked. Did John not show up because Brian's plane was delayed? All I could think is I do have the phone number for the Nigerian staff in Back2Back don't we left the little airport outside I glanced around and at first didn't see John. Thank goodness he spotted the 3 lost Americans that didn't know what to do. Well Welcome to Nigeria!

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